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Friday, February 15th 2008

14:05:19 (4968 days, 11h, 51min ago)

A Torrential Flood of Writings

  • Mood: Forgiving
  • Listening: La Vie Bohem - Johnathan Larson
  • Reading: Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - Steven King
  • Watching: Dark Angel Season One (with my gal pal)

Calm Down, Calm Down, i know i haven't posted in awhile, you don't have to get all proud and act like you posted mad comments about it... god damn, i take a month or two off to be with my gal and you guys seem to flip more tits than i am.

Anyhow, I've come to the conclusion that the only thing that will get you jackals off my back is posting, and lots of it. So here I go, from now on im posting all my writings, retro active from ninth grade.


And you said didn't write enough... tsk tsk


P.S. These posts will show up behind my blog posts, or in the middle, or maybe after some of them, simply because thats the time that I wrote them.

15 Feedback.

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