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Wednesday, September 26th 2007

13:01:34 (4342 days, 23h, 55min ago)

Isloation from a Loved One

  • Mood: Suprisingly Upbeat
  • Listening: Le Disko
  • Reading: John Milton's Paradise Lost
  • Watching: Pan's Labyrinth

Just a real quick, rather melodramatic piece i wrote while residing in ISS today.
Peace and luv to all those who matter, Reverend

When the puppy love sets in
and my blood begins to simmer,
My Stomach settles low,
My vision becomes dimmer

Having no recourse to stop the course
of actions once begun
I seek her out, i even shout,
she is the only one

While at her side I could reside
I lack not the motivation
but earnestly fear what i hold dear
will garner no reciprocation

It's Happend before, it will again
I distort the very thought.
And in a web, of things she said,
I will be defenseless... caught.

To avoid all this I pay a toll,
one that only i percieve.
For if I spoke, outside a joke,
the price you'd not believe.

I'd sell my soul, My very being
to be with her today
But such a sale would not make her proud,
Not Happy, not glee, not gay.

And so I sit in lonliness
and pen my little sonnets
Without her love, or even trust,
I simply play that i dont want it...

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