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Sunday, September 2nd 2007

17:52:06 (4840 days, 18h, 25min ago)

Congrats are in Order

  • Mood: accomplished
  • Listening: Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas
  • Reading: The Complete Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Watching: Human Weapon: Krav Maga (these two guys suck lol)

"All hail Zypher, King of all that is leet!"

That in a few years may well be the most commonly spoken and heard statement by all men. Having finally finished the first chapter of my book, The Good Fight: A synopsis of Fighting styles and techniques,I have laid a major milestone in the modern world. Upon release this book will enable all men, large and small, to defend and stage offenses against enimes.

Now even though i say the first chapter, what i actually mean is the first FULL section, while the book is broken up into tons of chapters, it consists of only four major sections: Unarmed Combat, Armed CQC, Fire-Arm combat, and strategic warfare techniques.

The finished section covers Unarmed combat, including examinatoins of both eastern and western fighting forms and offering my suggestioons of attacks and which styles should be persude further.
I have already begun work on the other sections section two, armed combat which is to include analysis of bushido, fencing, and more modern weapons like the ASP Baton and Balisong (butterfly) knife.

In an unrelated matter, while making a run to the IGA to get some garlic bread, a kid felt the nerve to ask me,

"What OS do you use?"

Initially dumbfounded I quickly responded,

"I Duel Boot XP Pro and Fedora Core."

he then commented that he was merely insuring that my sweatshirts desgin, "Hacker.", was deserved. apparently satisfied he nodded his head and followed his friends as they walked away.

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