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Thursday, June 21st 2007

23:08:44 (4791 days, 11h, 14min ago)

A legion becomes a faction

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The Fear of every general and the nightmare of every captain is that one day an issued order will not be followed. This loss of power is the keystone in the equation that governs an army. Once a commander has lost command he is merely a man who once had the joy of power.

Worse than this harsh relinquishing of power is a thought that rarely ever enters the mind of the well trained commander. Why this thought scarcely penetrates the mind of a soverign is because it quickly and reliably leads to paranoia, the thought of a cou. Luckily the exchange of power from commander to commanded is one which is only frightening to a bad commander, or a commander who has lost touch with his subjects. That in my case, is simply not the case. As i respect and command each of my legionaires as though they were my own brotheren, i expect no less than simple compliance with the order given.

However in the eyes of one of my greatest allies, a star pupil whom I taught a massive libary of knowledge, and perhaps my greatest friend, i may have crossed that line. Though my actions were takin out of respect and protection of the legion itself it seems as though this solider, nay this great leutinent, has takin my actions to fault against him. And even now i see the ramifications of my actions.

As i cathc the glares of many men whom used to don the indentity of legionare, i now notice a glint of disdain, bordering on loathing in their gaze. I fear that this leutinent, whom i have bestowed upon the very secrets of the legion itself, has raised a faction of militant followers. While this would generally be of little concern to me, the defecting of a single solider and a select group of his loyal followers, His knowledge of both the tactics of and the legion itself chill me to my core. Never before have two such guerilla forces squared off. The outcome I'm sad to say dosn't look favorable, the tactics my legionaires have been trained in are primarily useful when logistically we are the smaller repressed force, not the overbearing facsist state which created the resistance.

My only hope is that he will understand and come to terms with the fact that my actions were for the good of more than just myself, call off his dogs of war, and with any luck rejoin our cause of procrating anarchy throughout the nation.

Since now is such a critical time for the ranks of the legion, i will be doing my best to secure my higer-ups and am reinstituing operation wildfire to boost enlistment and moral.

MAIL has been sent to leaders of squads charlie through foxtrot in accrodance with new mission parameters. The Password Portal is being revised to increase security so the old url won't work anymore.

Sincerely, Zypher T. Leetest, your leader, your friend, your guardian.

PS. Squad ALpha has recieved spefic instructions in relation to how we are dealing with this internal threat, check your boxes.

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