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Sunday, June 17th 2007

23:05:12 (4874 days, 2h, 21min ago)

Sunday Afternoon at the Movies

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Here it comes, yet another rant by me, Zypher T. Leetest, on the horrid lack of judgment in Hollywood. Beware however because of a recent lightning related power surge, I am currently typing this little diddy on my laptop which has a number of non-functioning keys. While I will attempt to catch these errors as they happen I am sure I'll miss some so bear with me. As an afterthought have you ever realized how often you type the letter p? It's away more prevalent event than you might think, 11 times already!

Back on topic, I was the lucky recipient of a ticket to see the fantastic four rise of the silver surfer and, though i throughly enjoyed the movie, I was disappointed by the complete and utter lack of respect given to galactus. Though in the comics he is treated as a near omniescent figure of demi-god like constitution, in the film however he is treated as merely a substantially more powerful global warming. In afterthought the movie may well have been a global warming protest. Again trying to stay on topic galactus has always held a place of power in the upper echelons of my badass power level tier system. With such statements from me as "Man that dudes even stronger than Galactus!" when admiring someones physical aptitude or "Damn dude why not just go fight Galactus it'd be quicker." when suggesting that something sounds like a bad idea. It is just hard for me to understand the lack of even a true physical manifestation of his body.

Further degrading Galactuss prowess is how surfers confrontation with the "Galactus Cloud" ends. It seems as though the surfer actually detonates galactus from within! Using his own highly limited powers to essentially defeat, or in this case dissipate Galactus. To this premise I say, nay i yell, LUDACRIS! Galactus was the being who intially bestowed upon Noran Rad the power cosmic, and Just as Galactus giveth Galactus can taketh away, if the surfer merely assaulted Galactus he would surely fall before any true Cou De'gra could be preformed.

Another descripentcy i had with the film is the inclusion of Victor Von Doom, a villain who has I feel has been badly portrayed from the start, alienated me from the plot of the movie. Its not that the actor who plays him, on leave from nip-tuck, is bad persay, but just the character design all togeather sucks. Regardless of Doom's involvement, me knowing that Jessica Alba and the Silver Surfer will make an appearance in the same place means you'd better have something better than a stick to keep me away.

Although I'd hate to harp on a single subject... well actually I'm fine with it, I saw a trailer for the Live-action Underdog movie today, unbelievably it looked substantially less sucky than i had initially assumed. Still Its a rather bleak concept and should be abandoned immediately. The saving grace of this movie is if my ears serve me right it was jason lee voicing the caped canine, he's a comic genius and may bring some light to the darkest of future cinematic ventures.

Now for some fiction:

Its august 18, 2 double ought 7, and as the early fall fog is beginning to rise so is the roar of the crowd. Thousands upon thousands of wild, reckless, and generally angry youths rallying against all causes which they feel strongly against. As the opening act takes the stage their front man makes a dramatic announcement, he mumbles " Can you count suckas! Cause I say the World is ours, if you can count SUCKAS!".

The man is the one and only Ozzy Osbourne, prince of darkness and one of the only men who could readily rally the entirety of this rowdy crowd with simply a single line of lame dialouge from a cult seventies movie.

The observer to this spectacle is none other than yours truly, Zypher, doing his best to keep the lil NF well represented in all social circles, especially those so easy to be recruited to fight governmental oppression.

:End Fiction

Captivated I will surely be, and while the actual details of the story above are fictious, the fact that i have a ticket for ozzfest is simply that, a fact. So kick back, let the summer roll on by, and in two months Ill be chillin with a crowd of thousands.

Be Jealous, Zypher

peace and Luv to my girls, Ill miss all of you who go to tech, but hey you can always call 413-768-9033, I'm working a shit ton more than i want to, but I'll always make time to be there for you.

For your enjoyment I have typed the letter p on the ON Screen Keyboard well over 100 times! Just goes to show how much I care.
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