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Monday, June 4th 2007

10:35:11 (4887 days, 14h, 6min ago)

Moth-man Relations

  • Mood: contemplative
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  • Reading: Paradise Lost - John Milton -AND- The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain
  • Watching: Resevoir Dogs

Due to the suprising lack of "happy" and upbeat entries, I feel that it is incumbant upon me to rapidly relieve the situation of it's assumed melodrama, since recently it has been brought to my attention on numerous occasions how my blog has taken on a rather dark, dreay, even musky feel. Unfortunetly this "upbeat" turn has been inspired by an influence which is common to arguably my last happy writing, an insect.

Though last time the inspiration which spawned revelation was a brilliant display of luminescent fire-flys, this time it is the much more modest moth which has enveloped me in thought. While standing in the kitchen of my fathers house(another plot similarity), gatorade in hand, and having just returned from a rather lack-luster day in ISS, the main focus of my attention became a humble moth. Humble because he is such a simplistic creature in the animal kingdom, but also because what caught my attention was the height of the moth's flight. Flying just about shin high, and with no visable injuries, I was taken-aback that he would choose to fly so low. Given the gift of flight why would the moth squander it so? If he wished his gift could ascend him to the heavens, yet he chooses to fly just above the ground.

Thus a train of thoughts began, eventually ending with my realization that the moth was essentially a metaphor, or at least a mirror, of my own life. I am often confronted with the question of why? Why do i choose to sqwander my gifts? why not excel in school and showcase my talents to the world? and while I might briskly brush away these questions with simple truths like the laws of conservation of energy, I have never truely dwelled on it. The realization inspired by the moth has sparked some heavy meditating on my end and resaulted in the revelation that I truely could fly higher than most and it is primarily out of spite that i hold myself back. Perhaps if college becomes a destination in my life I will truely blossom, but that option seems to have been negated by my previous actions in high-school.

What people like me need are places to go where we can freely explore all forms of expression. From the mundane to the artistic, this hypothetical venue would allow generations of children like myslef to excel and ascend beyond the realm of normalcy.

Sincerly- The man who taught Shatner about drama and suspense, ME

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