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Monday, May 14th 2007

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One Major Case of the Monday's

  • Mood: depressed
Depression, As it sets in, clawing it's gnarled talons deep into the fleshy muslcular tissue which is my bruised heart, i can only imagine how long it's hold will last. Though in times prior it took only the look, nigh the glance of the girl i loved to change and remove the feeling from withen me, i have just recently come from by her side. Perhaps it is that i invest so much faith in relationships that will never be which spurs the feelings on to begin with. Somehow however i can't help but hope that in some small way my loyalty and love shall someday be rewarded. She knows none of this, or at least she has forgot it, but i have only the deepest of desires to hold her, love her, and support her in any venture she might wish to persue. Weather it be a plan she hast set out on from birth, or merely one which has come to her on a whim, I could do naught but love her for it. My feelings for her are so great that to eat in her presence is to greeat a trespass for me. I can but only hope that noone reading this takes it to be them, as it is not in reference to any soul who would casually wander upon it, and if it is shown to her then i apologize for wasting her time with something so trivial as my feelings and desires.
-Tim Otto

P.S. Theres some heavy meditating going on at this end of the net, so I apologize to Amanda D. for not returning your call, and to everyone else for feeling so distant.
Peace and let love win sometimes.
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