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Tuesday, April 10th 2007

08:19:43 (4942 days, 17h, 3min ago)

The Power of the Past

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  • Reading: Daredevil Visionaries - Frank Miller, Vol. 1

This blog is dedicated to all those who live in the past, all who long for the days of the first turtles, who long to see optimus prime battle megatron in original anime action, who won't accept the alienation and destruction of our youth at the hands of some money swandering executive douche-bags. Whats next bringing back Popples?

That said, the new Turtles movie kicked some massive ass, not only was the action of the turtles more fluid and "ninja like" but it conveyed the theme of the movie so well that upon leaving the theater even my three year-old nephew could focus only on the fact that "brothers shouldn't fight". Although there were some discrepancies between the new and old films, April O'neil as a ninja, wtf? I was actually more than satisfied with the ride back to the days of my youth, captivated with scenes of Leo stalking the jungles of South America and his mirror image expressed as Raph on the rooftops of a wild New York night, I was sucked in and held for the entirety of the film.

Although I sincerely wish that upon leaving the theater my nephew had seemed as into the movie as myself, I suppose it is only the way of things that while one generation enjoys one disdains, and his ability to isolate the primary theme of the film at his age is nothing short of staggering. This incite has also become a founding pillar in my stand that humans actually peak earlier than the generally regarded age of around 25.

Hopefully Hollywood will eventually catch on and begin to take lessons, not complete ideas, from the old days and spare us the live-action underdog film, its complete BS.

Congrats on a good legacy film, now stop trying- Timmy O.

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