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Sunday, March 25th 2007

14:16:48 (4958 days, 9h, 37min ago)

Reasons I love the woman I do

  • Mood: Loved
  • Reading: That Yellow Bastard (Sin City, Book 4: Second Edition)

I will begin this basic explanation of my current romantic interest by pointing out that despite having been within three feet of her for about 2 ½ years now, my fluctuating love interests somehow allowed her to slip under my radar.

            Recently however things have been different. I consider us to have been going out for about a week, and she could not have made a greater impression thus far. It wasn't her lying on my arm while watching frisky dingo (which really is quite awesome), or how every song on my ipod somehow describes her or our relationship, or even sleeping on her arm during a free period that showed me how special she truly is. It was while browsing through a gallery of idiots who had unsuccessfully attempted to produce IED's (apparently one kid actually thought blasting caps were candy!?) and it's the fact that these disturbing images actually peaked her interest that made me realize how truly unique, if not twisted, she truly is. Although some would say that a female interested in such gruesome and morbid subjects is one to stay away from, on me this revelation had the exact opposite effect.

            This also wasn't the only motivating fact in realizing that I loved her, it's the fact that I can think of nothing I'd rather do than lay on a couch with my arm draped over hers, order a pizza, and fall asleep while she finally finishes watching fight club (we started it in shop an eternity ago and haven't had a chance to finish yet.) that allows me to accept my love as true and not just a young boys lusting, or a crush which will quickly come to pass.

            The Final reason in which help me come to the aforementioned realization is that after having meant her parents, albeit a surprisingly gentle experience, I have no intention of ever, EVER, having to meet another girls family. It was not that her family was especially intimidating or frightening, but since I was a child I have been gripped by an overwhelming shyness that has plagued my life. The entire night I was in the grip of an unyielding terror of what I might say or do that would sway her parents away from me. As I understand it I left a decent impression, but I would surely not ever wish to risk having to do that again. This reason alone is a motivating force, which is powerful enough to make me marry her.

In summary I love her and can't foresee that changing in the near future. I'm putting off having her meet my own family in the hopes that by the time she does she will have been with me long enough to overlook the mentally unstable soup which is my parents.

Peace and luv: The rev. Tim Otto

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