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Monday, October 9th 2006

22:43:02 (5125 days, 1h, 29min ago)

Life Love and Everything

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yeah so it's been awhile since i posted... wanna fight about it? anyways i'm hear to say a few things before i crash for the night.

First things first, trouble in my shop. Yeah so in the weeks or w/e that i haven't posted it turns out that my bro from another mo attempted to jack two servers from our mutual shop. Granted he and his crew did successfully get the servers out of the building (and home for that matter) they got caught when indisputable evidence was found at the scene. When dealing with morons such as these i can't help but say "Damn I trust you?".

Secondly, I have lately grown more militant in my fear of the goverment. It is not that i feel the goverment is directly hurting us, or even that i think they know their hurting us. It is however their total lack of realizing that they are hurting us that is a cause for concern. Surely a monkey with a potato gun could do bush's job (not that they could do my job too, I wash dishes and monkeys are quite talented) and that bothers me down to the core of my soul.

The last issue I'd like to touch on in this rant is that of Man - Woman  relations. Surely this is the way to go, and although i do not harbor nore condone ill will towards homosexuals I cannot understand it despite my sincerest efforts. Yet as of late i have grown weary of the pursuit of female love as well. Thats not to say that i don't harbor love for my share of the women-folk but rather i feel that the active pursuit of a relationship envelops so much time that could be better spent pursuing other more productive avenues. Perhaps man is meant to walk the earth lone wolf style, for, if this is not the case, then why is it that humans gravitate towards mates of a higher class. Surely if your faith lies in science (like mine does) than your answer comes from charles darwin's theroies on natural selection. However recently not even this obvious answer has provided any comfort to my lost soul.

"I keep on searching for a heart of goooold..." I feel that's a pretty nice summary of the last paragraph. And despite the aforementioned feelings of giving up my pursuit of love, The only feelings I got for anyone in the world is love, love, and more love snoogins. Anyways my cells busted but i can still get voicemail and call you back, so leave some love and i just might do that.

-Peace, Luv, and if your reading this now sweet dreams, Zypher

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Posted by Boston:

dude I hear what your sayin about man being ment to live lonewolf style. I've observed relationships (and been in my share of them) and I've also drawn that conclusion. I think it's a result of our basic instincts. Go way back to when we were for lack of a better word "first programed" and all man did was live in seclusion only meeting with people when it benefited his needs. Also, man had no idea of what marage was, when he needed to reproduce, he would find a mate, do what he had to do, stay to ensure that the child came out ok, and rased the child himself (the woman most likely would have died in child birth which is still a minor problem today). So I too believe that man is ment to "go it alone."

Peace- Vendetta
Sunday, June 3rd 2007 @ 21:11:12 (4888 days, 3h, 1min ago)

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