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Saturday, September 9th 2006

21:05:20 (5155 days, 3h, 18min ago)


  • Mood: [depressed] depressed
  • Listening: Californication, by the Chili's
Yeah so i ahd my first two days of academic classes this week... and they sucked, pretty much it's the most mentally unsatisfying experience of my life, second to a zoneing commity metting i went too. The saving grace is that i have physics and although were working with vectors (easy peasy lemon squezy) i at least get to make jokes about comic book physics. oh and throughout the day in passing i get to see the girl i like, so thats decent i guess. um did i mention that accamdemics suck? anyways back to shop this week so maybe i'll put off the ritualistic suicide for a bit. shop has gotta be the most gratifying experience ever. I pretty much make sure i et an assignment that gets me and my bro outta the teachers view, and then we slack off all day and pursue our own interests. oh and i have accounting with the girl, so thats just chill in it's self... yeah well i'm kinda busy trying to restore my faith in life the universe and everything so if i seem distant just leave me alone, unless your a chick then u can hug me. peace and luv to all those who matter
P.S. I'm still here for guidance, but u might get a few fuck offs or leave me alones before anything helpful comes out
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Naruto Senpai
Monday, May 23rd 2016 @ 19:47:01 (1611 days, 4h, 36min ago)

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Monday, May 23rd 2016 @ 19:43:58 (1611 days, 4h, 39min ago)

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